Things To Look For In A Good Car Trailer

Infinity TrailersWhatever be the trailer type you’re looking for, most are too expensive. Therefore, when you’re considering to invest such a large amount it’s good to examine the trailers properly. But, how many of you do really have the knowledge on appropriate examination? Well, its not so confusing as it seems. You just have to take a look on some basic components to determine the functionality of the trailer.

Understanding the frame

Figure out whether the strength of the trailer lies in the frame or not. Consult your needs with the car trailer manufacturer to get the sturdiest and strongest trailer based on your preferences. Angle iron frames are generally lighter and thus, the design is stiffer too. However, if the side is damaged, the entire trailer’s integrity gets compromised. But be sure that all of the trailers which are manufactured through this process are not much weak and thus, need to be closely examined for each trailer.

Bolts and welded joints

If you are looking for a strong flatbed trailer always look for bolted joints. Don’t go for welded joints as they are prone to crack or split when taking heavy loads. The power of threads are much significant than welds. A trailer with welded joints are definitely cheaper but are also too weak to carry heavy loads for longer distance.

Also, do not forget to check the size, number and separation of bolts. Thin or weak frame members may crush as soon as you tighten the bolts. Make sure that the bolts are attached with lock nuts or washer to keep things tight.


Gussets play an important role that offer strength and rigidity to the frame. It helps to assess reinforcement especially where the axles are mounted. These areas in the frame are prone to high stress and thus, double layers or reinforcement materials is a good choice.

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In the case of a torsion axle, it creates a lot of stress on the frame especially at the joints. However, it’s not a big problem as long as the extra loads are accommodated. But the scene changes whenever the frame is not reinforced. It’s a sure sign of weakness that can prove to be fatal in the long run.

Flatbed trailers are great to carry heavy loads. There are different models of a flatbed which are specifically designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, consult your needs properly and get the appropriate trailer suited for your needs.

How To Load A Vehicle On A Car Hauler Trailer?

Load A Vehicle On A Car Hauler TrailerLoading a car onto a car hauler trailer can be disastrous if you don’t know the safety measures. It must be done carefully to ensure proper loading and prevent damage to the car.

Keep the handbrakes on

Always be aware that the handbrake of the towing vehicle is on, and the trailer is attached properly with the towing vehicle. This must be checked before you load or unload any of the cars to or from the trailer. If the trailer is not attached properly, then the towing balls can force the trailer to move or tip. And that can potentially damage the car while loading or unloading.

The Pattern Of Loading

While loading on a 4 car hauler trailer, for instance, make sure that the vehicle is straight. The engine must be facing forward while traveling. A greater portion of the weight must be kept in the front half of the trailer. It would prevent the trailer from swaying. Positioning the car is a big issue. If the car’s engine is faced toward the rear of the trailer, it may get damaged. This is because, the rear of a trailer can have a tail wagging effect on the car. This causes the car to get bumpy experience.

On the contrary, if the front half of the trailer is loaded heavily, then the rear of the towing vehicle receives a force on its suspension, which causes a knocking effect on the front wheels. Remember most of the weights should be loaded slightly ahead of the axle.

Strapping The Car

Use approved tie down straps that are made to withstand heavy load. The straps must be strong enough to prevent the car from moving. Before you choose the straps, you need to know the weight of the car.

Knowing About The Loaded Trailer

After all are set in place, determine whether all the cars have been loaded properly or not. If the steering wheel is very light, it means that the cars are positioned too far forward. On the contrary, if the loads are positioned on the too far towards the rear, the backward wheels may start to weave, once the trailer reaches a certain speed (based on the weight). If this is the case, pull over as soon as possible and re-position the cars.

All these helpful tips must be considered before you load a car onto a car hauler trailer.