Small Business Promotion On A Low-Budget

There are different marketing strategies that a small business can use without breaking the bank. Digital marketing tops the list. Digital marketing is basically the practice of reaching out to customers online. It involves all digital marketing efforts, which are used for reaching these people, including PPC ads campaign, social media promotion and search engine optimisation for a website. These promotional techniques won’t hurt your pocket much.

Small Business Promotion On A Low-Budget

Let’s break this down to make it simple to understand as there can be a lot of lingo and anagrams in the digital marketing world.

Social Media

There are a few things in the world that you’ll find nearly everyone using and social media happens to be amongst them. About 3.48 billion users are accessing social media platforms. So, it’s a great chance for you to promote your business to your target audience through social media. The platform you are going to use for your business promotion may vary depending on your business and your target audience. If you are unable to understand which social media platform is going to work best for your business talk with a company that offers digital marketing services in Perth to know which site would be appropriate for you.

You can go for free ads on Facebook if you just want to market your business. But if you want conversions then pay to boost your posts on the platform. Definitely add images to your posts because posts with images have more engagement rates than text-only postings. Facebook will also limit the reach of your post or deny the image if it has more than 20% of the text.

Instagram is basically a visual platform. So, if you have a small business like a coffee shop, a boutique, a salon or something like this you can often take photos of your business and post it on the platform. You can make use of a management tool for approving the posts before they actually become life. Select relevant hashtags for promoting the content to your audience even if they do not follow you.

LinkedIn a great platform to network with other companies and establish yourself as an industry expert. If your focus is on B2B marketing, then this is the social media site for you. You will be surprised to know but it’s a fact that about 80% of B2B leads actually come via LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google handles about 40,000 search queries per second. So, if you wonder why you must care about being found on this search engine, there is your answer. People look for information on Google and you need to be offering it in your niche.

SEO is generally a big topic to be covered but the main point lies down in being visible to your target audience in Google amongst the high competition. When you will be easily searchable, people will get to know about your business and that would automatically promote your business. For SEO work to be done, high quality, informative content is needed. Doing SEO is definitely not a job for the inexperienced. It involves a lot of skills. You need to hire a digital marketing executive who is an expert in SEO for doing the SEO work for your website. The pro would know how to optimise your website with high-quality content and do all the technical work to rank your website high on the search engine.

Google AdWords

Do you know what Google AdWords is? It is an advertising service that’s created by the biggest search engine in the world, Google. The search engine actually allows advertisers to show sponsored links or clickable ads in the search results of Google. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) payment system, the advertisers basically bid on particular keywords for which they actually want to get shown in paid search results. When the users search on these keywords, Google displays those ads in paid search results. Advertisers are only charged on a pay-per-click basis, which means they would need to pay only if the users click on the ad. This means with pay per click campaigns, you can get immediate exposure on the 1st page of Google. However, if you are not ready to manage your Google AdWords campaign, consider hiring an online marketing agency that is experienced in setting up, managing & optimising your PPC campaigns for giving you optimal ROI.

Marketing is important for the success of a business. So, you need to market your business no matter whether you have a small budget or a big one. However, if your budget is small, these digital marketing techniques can work wonders for you. Just apply them and see how your business flourishes.


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